Orange Oil

Used to flavor orange candy, orange drinks and anywhere orange flavoring is required, orange oil can also be used as furniture polish, degreaser and as a general purpose cleaner. The antibacterial properties of orange oil make this a safe, natural way to clean and disinfect wood cutting boards. Use to deodorize ice chests and refrigerators and to remove fish odor from hands.

Additional uses of orange oil include:

Home uses: Orange oil can be used to flavor beverages, candy, and anything that needs an orange taste.

Aromatherapy uses: Orange oil has a bright and cheerful scent that is said to help improve your mood and uplift the smell of any home or office. This orange oil can be used in fragrances and potpourri.

Cleaning uses: Orange oil has antibacterial properties that make it a great essential oil for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

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