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Pet Peeves

When whipping up some simple home remedies, don't forget your pets.

Try the following hints to keep Fido (and your home!) feeling fresher:

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Doggie Breath Freshener

Using a 20 oz. or larger plastic water or soft drink bottle, fill halfway with cold water and add one very small drop (.05 mL) of peppermint essential oil to the water. Put the cap on the bottle and shake for 30 seconds or so to mix thoroughly. Fill up the rest of the bottle with water, shake again and pour water into dog’s bowl – this doggie breath freshener mixture costs less than two cents to make!

Fido First Aid

If your dog has a small scratch, lavender oil can be used to treat the area, since it has healing properties. Add three drops of lavender oil to one quart of warm water and wash the wound with a clean cloth after you have cleaned the area of any dirt, grass, etc.

Natural Flea Control

Oil of lavender is said to be effective and safe as a way to get rid of fleas and keep them away for the short term. Using a dog brush as the guide, cut a piece of fabric (like an old towel, cotton material or even several layers of old panty hose) larger than the "head" of the brush. Dab on several drops of oil of lavender and then scrunch the fabric together to spread the oil around on the cloth. Put this over the brush head and press into the bristles. Brush over your dog’s coat, rinsing the brush in clear water if necessary. This is a nice way to "freshen" the coat and help de-flea at the same time.

Freshen Dog Beds

Combine three drops of lavender oil to one quart of warm water in a plastic spray bottle. Use to spritz your pet’s sleeping area and to freshen their bedding. This natural freshener will cost you less than a penny per ounce – or 32 cents per bottle – far less than commercial pet deodorizers will. It will also keep fleas at bay (see above for natural flea control).

Ear Wax Removal

When dogs have ear wax buildup, it can become stinky. To help remove the wax and clean the ear, dilute three drops of lavender oil in with a teaspoon of sweet oil. Mix well and put approximately four drops of the mixture into each ear. Gently massage the base of the ears for a few minutes. Remove the excess wax with a cotton cloth or pads. (Do not poke cotton swabs into the dog’s ear canal).

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