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Natural Ingredients Help Get You Out of Hairy Situations

Sure, there are expensive salon products and pomades to keep hair issues at bay, but try these simple remedies for a fraction of the cost (we hear that some celebrities use these!)

Dry Hair/Scalp

Combine sweet oil with lavender or rosemary spice. Warm the oil and simmer with the herb of your choice for about 30 minutes. Strain; cool only slightly, apply to hair and scalp. Wrap your head in plastic wrap and then wrap in a hot towel for 30 minutes. Shampoo twice using cool water.

Staticky Hair

To rid your head of unwanted static during the brisk winter months, rub a dab of sweet oil between your hands and run through hair.

Split Ends

Try a secret of the stars...castor oil on hair ends after drying can help smooth split ends.

Gummy Situation

Before you go cutting off any hair to unstick unruly, sticky bubblegum, try rubbing the area with sweet oil to help remove the gum (Thanks to Patty J. of Alpha, Illinois, for this handy hint; winner of the January 2006 "hint of the month")

To find a store near you that stocks the ingredients to enjoy these simple home remedies, click here.

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