Glycerin and Rosewater – The Dynamic Duo

If glycerin and rose water are not already a part of your skin care or beauty routine, you have been missing out on two amazing beauty essentials!  Glycerin and rose water work so well together, as they both have incredible moisturizing abilities for skin. However, their moisturizing properties are not all that make them stand out. The beautiful combination of these products serve several beneficial cosmetic functions when applied daily.

Here are our favorite glycerin and rose water abilities:

1. Work as a Natural Toner

Glycerin and rose water together work well as a toner, especially for those of you who have dry skin. It not only tones the skin, but also moisturizes it in the process. It helps restore the skin’s pH level (more about that below) while working to rid the skin of scars and other blemishes. If you buy glycerin and rose water without a spray bottle, it is easy to apply with cotton balls or those cute little cotton rounds for the same beautiful results. Whether you spray it or dab it, it is sure to leave your skin smooth and with a natural glow.

2. Balance Skin’s pH Levels

As the largest organ of the body, our skin’s purpose is to fight infection and other environmental stresses. Its ability to do this effectively is greatly affected by its pH level. Many factors can cause the skin’s pH level to become unbalanced, whether causing it to become too acidic or too alkaline. The combination of glycerin and rose water help to balance the skin’s pH level to prevent and fight breakouts and other inflammatory disorders.

3. Work as a Lasting Skin Moisturizer

It’s no secret that both glycerin and rose water have incredible moisturizing properties, so the use of them together is super beneficial for dry skin. Our skin faces many conditions that cause it to become dry or rough, especially in the winter. When ordinary moisturizers do not have lasting effects, try glycerin and rose water. The combination works well on the typical lotion-needy areas like the face and legs and can also be applied to dry or cracked heels. Not only will it leave you skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated, but the smell of rose water will leave you with a refreshing and happy scent.

4. Remove Dirt, Oil, and Makeup

I am guilty of spending loads of money on makeup removers and face washes that claim to clear acne. However, I learned very quickly that the use (or excessive use in my case) of some of these expensive products can actually dry out your skin, which causes it to create more oils to compensate for the over-dryness. This only leads to more breakouts. If you feel like the more you use these face washes, the worse your acne becomes, this could be the reason. Since glycerin and rose water combine to create an awesome moisturizing team, they also make an incredible facial cleanser. They don’t dry out the skin; they actually hydrate it. Using this product at night to remove makeup can also help you see an improvement in the overall clarity of your skin.

Note: If you are mixing glycerin and rose water together on your own, it is important not to overdo it with the glycerin. Over-hydrating the skin is not a good idea either. Never leave glycerin on for too long, or it will look like you’ve spent too long in the water. We recommend using ¼ a cup glycerin to every 1 ½ cup rose water.

5. Moisturizes Chapped Lips

Since glycerin and rose water work together as a skin protectant, they can also help to moisturize chapped lips. Using this product regularly on lips can also help protect them from future dryness.

Glycerin and rose water should be used as part of every daily beauty routine, as their benefits are essential to good skin health and beauty. Buying these products already mixed together is the cheapest and most convenient way to use them, but they can also be found separately if you prefer to mix them yourself.